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About Nick Fischer

Nick Fischer is a Come Ready Nutrition Registered Dietitian with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Seton Hill University. Nick's passion has led him to be a civic leader where he provides nutritional education in the Greensburg, PA community by participating in fundraising events, providing athlete, team and business counseling, and organizing healthy cooking demonstrations with local companies and Farmer’s Markets. Nick not only has a passion for nutrition but also for fitness. He races bikes and leads group bike rides and is organizing a youth and beginning bicycling class to educate people on safe and ethical riding with Flat Tire Co.

Pre-Race Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

You are at the starting line of your biggest race of the year, well trained and rested. But, what did you eat? Pre-race nutrition should accommodate the energy needs of your training schedule and allow you to top off your fuel tanks prior to competition. Note: Save weight loss for earlier training periods / off [...]

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Fueling for Recovery

Nutrition for recovery is very important, obviously. But this does not mean that recovery nutrition is complicated. A proper meal (real food) will refuel, re-hydrate, and repair you. Refueling: When athletes think of refueling they should think about carbohydrates. Carbohydrate use increases as workouts become longer, more intense, or if you have multiple workouts a [...]

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