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Allegheny Health Network, through a partnership with Come Ready Nutrition, offers sports nutrition counseling and education through its network of trained and certified sports dieticians headed by its Come Ready’s Chief Nutrition Officer, Ms. Leslie Bonci MPH,RD,CSSD, LDN, one of the preeminent sports nutritionists in the country.

The recent research is clear and compelling. How athlete fuel their bodies can affect their performances significantly. That’s why professional sports teams and many colleges now employ their own sports nutritionists, guiding their athletes to make the right food choices in order to perform at their highest level.

Sports nutrition can benefit athletes of all ages—youth, scholastic, varsity, collegiate, professional and even active adults who still enjoy performing in competitive sports.

Come Ready Nutrition’s sports nutrition resources perfectly complement Allegheny Health Network’s comprehensive sports performance offerings to provide an all-inclusive approach for athletes—young and old– looking to achieve their athletic goals and reach their full potential.

Examples of topics that are addressed in the various programming options include:HealthyEating
• Fundamental sports nutrition concepts
• The role of nutrients in promoting performance (protein, carbohydrates, fats, micronutrients)
• Meal strategies
• Eating to win
• Meal strategies
• Performance Snacking
• Recovery nutrition
• School day nutritional challenges
• Foods to avoid
• Fast food choices
• Hydration
• Best practices in fueling workouts and training
• Female athlete nutritional issues
• Weight loss or gain strategies
• Fueling the weekend warrior

Come Ready Nutrition’s stable of sports dieticians also offer expertise in:
• Sport-specific nutrition
• Female athletes nutritional issues
• Sports nutrition related to specific medical conditions, i.e. diabetes, gluten intolerance

Sports dieticians are available for the following services:
• Personal consultations
• Scheduled sports nutrition classes
• Group presentations to:
Youth Sport organizations and teams
School teams
Health Classes
Attendees at athletic or training events

Email for more information on personal sport nutrition consults or to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a trained sports nutritionist.

Email to schedule sports dietician speaker for your youth sport team or organization, school team or other event.