Which READY Box Fits Your Goals and Activities?

$19.99 / Month

Box includes choice of flavor for 2 nutrition products: Come Ready Snack (12) and CLEAN Snack (12).


$34.99 / Month

Box includes choice of flavor for 3 items: Come Ready Snack (12), CLEAN Snack (12) and CLEAN Crunch Bar (12).


$49.99 / Month

Box includes choice of flavor for 3 high protein nutrition products: CLEAN Protein Powder (2lb Container), Come Ready Performance Bars (12), and Come Ready Snack (12).


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Pre-Race Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

You are at the starting line of your biggest race of the year, well trained and rested. But, what did you eat? Pre-race nutrition should accommodate the energy needs of your training schedule and allow you to top off your fuel tanks prior to competition. Note: Save weight loss for earlier training periods / off season. Nutrition guidelines leading up to the event: Hydration should be adequate enough that urine remains light hay colored - clear. Carbohydrate intake should fall between 4 to 13 g/kg/day depending on energy needs. Protein intake should fall between 1.4 to 2.0 g/kg/day depending on [...]

Fueling for Recovery

Nutrition for recovery is very important, obviously. But this does not mean that recovery nutrition is complicated. A proper meal (real food) will refuel, re-hydrate, and repair you. Refueling: When athletes think of refueling they should think about carbohydrates. Carbohydrate use increases as workouts become longer, more intense, or if you have multiple workouts a day. Depletion of carbohydrates and glycogen stores leads to fatigue, therefore replenishment is crucial to recovery. Athletes should consume a meal containing between 0.45 to 0.7 grams of carb per pound body weight soon after a workout. Keep fat low and the ratio of carb [...]

Do You Have the Energy You Need to Succeed?

Many athletes tell me that they don’t have enough energy which means- they feel tired during workouts and also classes, or they don’t perform their best in a game, match or meet, or worst yet- they may need to be sidelined because they feel like they have run out of gas. So if you want to have more energy, how do you get it?  You need to get enough REST. Why? Sleep is a time for the body to repair, recover and restore, if you stay up too late- and you need to get up early for school- you may [...]

50 Goal Tips

We all have goals right? Here are some of the best ways to achieve them: Set at least one goal every day that motivates you to get better at something. Most times it's your effort that will determine if you achieve your goal! Make sacrifices, not excuses, when going after your goals. You won't be the best you can be if you're always setting easy goals. Be positive! People with positive attitudes have a better chance of achieving their goals. Always have some goal to reach. If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time. If your goal is winning, outworking [...]